Wood Decks and Composite Decks

Spring is the time to build a new deck so you can start enjoying the outdoors. A deck is an elevated platform built in your yard.

Today’s decks are different than the square decks built in the past. There are many different types and designs. They bring beauty to your home and yard. Today’s designs complement a house and are built around a homeowner’s expectations for usage, privacy and views of the surrounding landscape.

More than 75 percent of decks built today are made of wood, but consumer interest in color choices and lower maintenance is driving the synthetic lumber market. There are more than 100 wood-alternative materials now. They range from soft wood, hard wood, synthetic, plastic and many more choices and colors.

wood decks and composite decks

When I started designing and constructing decks 30 years ago, we only made them of wood. They were usually in a square design. Today’s designs are mostly for a specific reason. Some decks are low level, raised, around a pool, decks that lead you through gardens and for sunbathing and entertaining guest.

Wood Decks and Composite Decks Materials

There are many types of deck materials available now. Some are low maintenance and some are moderate maintenance. Wood decks require a wood treatment at least once per year, or staining every few years. Composite decks are constructed of a wood fiber mix and usually only require a simple cleaning. Wood decks are more reasonably priced than composite decks. The cost for a composite deck is around 50% higher than a wood constructed deck.

Having a backyard deck will bring comfort and relaxation to your backyard. It gives you a place to sit outside, read a book, watch the wildlife and to enjoy that morning coffee. It is a great place to just unwind and relax.

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